Mountain View Water & Wastewater Department

Water rates will vary depending on where you are in the system. Rates for the new extension areas, or outside the city limits will be slightly higher than in-city rates. If you live in a city or water association area receiving wholesale water service, your rates are determined by that city, not by the Mountain View Water & Wastewater Department.


Rates & Fees

Water                                     Inside City Limits                             Outside City Limits
First 1000/gal.                     $7.35 (minimum)                             $10.70 (minimum)
1001-4000/gal.                   $3.15 per 1000/gal.                          $4.40 per 1000/gal.
4001-8000/gal.                   $2.90 per 1000/gal.                          $4.03 per 1000/gal.
Over 8000/gal.                    $2.55 per 1000/gal.                          $3.50 per 1000/gal.

Herpel Road Extension                                              Highway 87 Extension

First 1000/gal. $18.65 (minimum)                          First 1000/gal. $18.00 (minimum)
Over 1000/gal. $5.65 per 1000/gal.                        Over 1000/gal. $5.65 per 1000/gal.


First 1000/gal. $10.00 (minimum)
Over 1000/gal. $1.75 per 1000/gal.

New Service
Line Extension Rates for New Service Areas are determined by:
1.) The amount of taps (users) to be serviced by the extension.
2.) The amount of grant money received for the project.
3.) The debt service amount, or the minimum amount that
must be collected to repay the loan portion. Loans are
necessary to fund line extensions and new users must
share the repayment burden.


                                                     Inside City                                 Outside City
Water -                                        $25.00                                         $50.00
Sewer -                                        $25.00                                        $50.00

                                                    Inside City                                  Outside City
Water -                                       $50.00                                          $50.00
Sewer -                                      $50.00                                          $50.00

Water and Sewer Tapping Fees

Water Tap
3/4" $350.00 or cost whichever is greater.
1" $450.00 or cost whichever is greater.

Sewer Tap
$200.00 or cost whichever is greater